Airplane Interior

Base Camp ATL has a configurable airplane interior on site available for rental!

This plane’s interior can be configured multiple ways, with four different sections that can be moved on casters to suit your shooting needs, as anything from a small plane to a wide body.

There are (4) 10′ sections, all can be expanded to widen the plane or shot. The parts can be configured multiple ways:

  •  2 Sections on the left, and 2 sections on the right of the Airplane, giving you 20′ to film.
  • 3 sections on the left and 1 on the right giving you 30′ to film.
  • 4 sections on 1 side of the airplane giving you 40′ to film.

There are two available coach seats with different fabrics, as well as a blue vinyl business class seat style.

For outside looking in shots, there is an additional cross section with seats available for small scenes or tight budgets. Cross section includes three rows of seating. Can be dressed to appear larger.

Contact us with any questions. We will be happy to assist you!